Apps That Will Make Your City Much Better

Do you and people in your city have complaints about the environmental conditions around you. and you don’t know where to report or don’t have time to report?. Then, you obviously needs solution for that!.

XITI came to solve those problems, it will make it easier for you to report your complaints incredibly FAST!. With just some easy and simple steps, all of your complaints will be delivered and solved, and it will make the condition of your city incredibly so much better!



When you report a complaint, you can monitor it progress in real time. Not only that, every officer that has related field to your complaints, will be able to see those reports and immediately take an action to solve it, this will make your complaints solved quickly!


When the officers around you wants to ask about your complaints in more detail, they can use the messaging feature to do that. So, you don’t need to worry about miss-communication. Not only that, you can send a message to another people too.


XITI is very easy to use, you just need to choose a category for your complaint, for example Violence, and choose your complaint form whether a photo or video, and fill the title and description, after that click the send button, and your complaint has reported! so simple isn’t it?